Gravity is a film that

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I rarely write reviews

I thoroughly loved this film. Dinobots were great

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This film was excellent.

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Rise of an Empire

Bill Marks(Liam Neeson) a down on his luck

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The third installment in the Iron Man

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QT is truly a mastermind. He outdid himself

Natasha Romanoff: "You do anything

Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)


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Peter Jackson's 3-episode interpretation of The

This is, without doubt my movie

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August: Osage County is a

Ethnocentrism occurs when one culture

Weak prequel to the original 1939

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Greetings again from the darkness. Hollywood

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The war film genre

I liked it the first time I

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I understand that sequels

22 JUMP STREET is one of the

What does award worthy cinematography, brilliant set

Often sequels all experience the same problem, which

Gotta give it a 10. The man just

Peter Jackson should remember that

WOW, going into this film

Interstellar is a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, beautiful, complex and

This film tells the story

Sensational! I haven't laughed so

When I saw the trailer to Gravity.

The original has been remade, reimagined, rewritten, sequelized,

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A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal,

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Short version: Three Iraq War veterans return stateside